An “Out of Body” Ad, With Out-of-this-World Results

Poo-Pourri asked Ackermania to create a Christmas video for them. I came up with three concepts. This was the one they chose. As always, it was a crap-load of fun to write and shoot. The video was immediately picked up by AdWeek and later Mashable, AdAge, and Fast Company, among countless others. It generated over 5 million views, and tens of thousands of shares in its first week(!) and since then has amassed over 13 million views. Most importantly it sold lots of product. If you’re a brand, what more could you ask for Christmas?

Originally, I hadn’t written a part for Bethany, but then decided she needed to be there, both for the benefit of the young girls, who would have to channel her persona from the first two videos, and (I hoped) for opportunities to get her in the video (like we ended up doing with the killer call to action at the end). So, I called her up and asked if she would come. Being the poo-freshional she is, she said yes and we made it happen.