Up Your Nose with the Pocket Hose

The last few months have been very busy. After writing and directing a commercial for Kaboo Bags, and then writing, directing and producing another for Proof, I dove right into creating both TV and online versions of the same concept for the popular, new and improved Pocket Hose ULTRA, which is 3x stronger than the original and a barrel of laughs! It really is an amazing product. We shot for two days in Los Angeles with world famous trick roper Will Roberts, who spins the hose like a lasso, among his other crazy cowboy shenanigans.

Joel and Will horsing around on set of Ackermania's TV and web commercial for Pocket Hose.

Joel and Will horsing around on set of Ackermania’s TV and web commercial for Pocket Hose.

It turns out Will is also a social media guru and an expert at producing “pocket films,” shooting and editing videos all on his smart phone. So we brought him onto the Ackermania team to shoot our behind-the-scenes videos.

The web commercial won’t go public until the Spring of 2015. That’s because  the people at Pocket Hose are smart and plan ahead. If you’re a brand manager, ask yourself “When is the ideal time to release a video for our product or service?” and start setting the wheel in motion now.