Proof Keeps the Creeps Away

Just completed a spot for Proofa plant-based spray that prevents and protects against bed bugs. It will kill bed bugs if they so much as even hang out where you’ve sprayed. If you travel a lot, like me, this product can give you peace of mind about bed bugswhich you’ll need when you learn bed bug infestations are on the rise in 72% of American cities. 

This was taken at the end of the shoot. From left to right, that’s Terry Taciuk, Proof’s very knowledgeable marketing master; Mark Taormino, a hilarious actor; and me, the guy in charge of making life miserable for actors. In this spot, Mark had to kneel on hardwood floors for hours, have his face smothered in baby oil, and lay under a bed on carpet saturated with dirt and dust from a vacuum bag. He also nearly drowned and froze to death as we showered down fake rain on him.