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Ackermania develops creative concepts for video marketing. Whether you need one video that educates people about your product or a web series that keeps your customers engaged, Ackermania has ideas.

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Don’t waste a good concept on a bad writer. Ackermania’s award-winning writing can make a boring product or taboo topic the hero of an entertaining video, all while convincing customers to take action. 

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Don’t waste a good script on a bad director. From casting to editing, Ackermania produces videos with a personal touch and visual flare unmatched in the world of online video marketing. 

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JOEL ACKERMANChief Creative Genius

Joel Ackerman has established himself as one of the top generators of commercial YouTube views on the planet. He has been behind not one, but two of the most successful YouTube campaigns ever. Besides being writer/director of the popular Poo~Pourri video (over 35 million views), he was also creative director at Orabrush where he wrote, directed and produced videos that generated millions in views and sales. He was formerly a stand-up comic and lounge singer.


MATT ACKERMAN, Creative Producer

Matthew Ackerman blends technology, creativity and common sense to make Ackermania a lean, mean video-producing machine. With years of experience as a photographer, videographer and producer, Matt is the left brain to Joel’s right; the man behind the men behind the camera. He also heads up Ackermania’s Utah-based production unit. If not on a production, you might find him at the grill making some of his (locally) legendary BBQ chicken.


JAY P. MORGAN, Visual Mastermind

Jay P. Morgan has been working as a commercial photographer, cinematographer and director for more than 20 years. Jay P’s keen appreciation of the bizarre and knack for flawlessly executing elaborate shots makes his work command attention in advertising, sales and marketing. He also produces a web series that teaches lighting, special effects and business practices to photographers and videographers. 


CHARLOTTE MAE SHEPPARD, Creative Development

Charlotte Sheppard crafts engaging entertainment across multiple platforms. As a former film executive, she developed content for studios including Sony Pictures, Roberi Media, and Home Theater Films. She is also a screenwriter and short-form storyteller who contributes frequently to Friend Magazine.


My Interview with The Media Shaker

In December, I went to Paris to speak at LeWeb. While there, The Media Shaker (an entity owned by the powerful, multinational mass media company Vivendi…and nothing to do with the Shakers, the religious sect) caught up with me to do a video interview with me about YouTube video marketing, and even got me to reveal my “7 Elements of Virality.”

Watch the video (complete with French subtitles!). In it, I explain how YouTube is a place where small brands can still compete with big brands. I also express my long-standing hope that brands (especially big brands) wake up and realize that they could produce low-budget feature-films for what they’re spending on TV ads, and do so. Since I gave the interview, I have learned that Coca-Cola has done just that.

Ad Age’s Astute Assessment of Ackermania’s Angle

Ads are more often praised for their supposed “creativity” than their actual impact on sales, or ability to change viewers’ brand preference. Unfortunately, this often leads to defining videos’ success by views or shares earned, which are not terribly meaningful if the videos don’t also earn dollars. Yet Ackermania’s angle of “creating videos that are not only entertaining, but are also geared for conversion” is fairly unique in the current advertising world.

Ad Age recognized this in its review of Ackermania’s Christmas ad “Even Santa Poops” for Poo-Pourri. Here’s what Ad Age said in their review:

Now, is [the ad’s steaming pile of Christmas-related poop puns] slightly juvenile and decidedly gross? Sure it is. But those very elements guarantee that the video sticks in the mind and gets passed through social media like … well, never mind that.

And unlike a lot of branded content that goes viral, Poo-Pourri’s video is not a random collection of crap that has nothing to do with the product. The genius of it is the awful jokes spell out exactly why you need the product. In other words, viewers might be thinking, “Oh my God, that’s gross and stupid,” but they’re also thinking, “I’ve been in that exact situation. I need to buy this.”

Now they did call the jokes awful (I disagree), but the point is they’re not too awful if they convince people to buy. Remember this little factoid? Before Poo-Pourri’s first video they did 10 million in sales annually, since then they do around 30 million in sales. Doesn’t sound too awful to me.

If you didn’t see the ad, here it is:

An “Out of Body” Ad, With Out-of-this-World Results

Poo-Pourri asked Ackermania to create a Christmas video for them. I came up with three concepts. This was the one they chose. As always, it was a crap-load of fun to write and shoot. The video was immediately picked up by AdWeek and later Mashable, AdAge, and Fast Company, among countless others. It generated over 5 million views, and tens of thousands of shares in its first week(!) and since then has amassed over 13 million views. Most importantly it sold lots of product. If you’re a brand, what more could you ask for Christmas?

Originally, I hadn’t written a part for Bethany, but then decided she needed to be there, both for the benefit of the young girls, who would have to channel her persona from the first two videos, and (I hoped) for opportunities to get her in the video (like we ended up doing with the killer call to action at the end). So, I called her up and asked if she would come. Being the poo-freshional she is, she said yes and we made it happen.

Up Your Nose with the Pocket Hose

The last few months have been very busy. After writing and directing a commercial for Kaboo Bags, and then writing, directing and producing another for Proof, I dove right into creating both TV and online versions of the same concept for the popular, new and improved Pocket Hose ULTRA, which is 3x stronger than the original and a barrel of laughs!

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Proof Keeps the Creeps Away

Just completed a spot for Proofa plant-based spray that prevents and protects against bed bugs. It will kill bed bugs if they so much as even hang out where you’ve sprayed. If you travel a lot, like me, this product can give you peace of mind about bed bugswhich you’ll need when you learn bed bug infestations are on the rise in 72% of American cities. 

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9 Reasons Video is Better Online than On TV

“Online video advertising is more expansive, less expensive, searchable, shareableincomparableexpedient, significantmost magnificentinstantly trackable, easily testable, precise in targeting—effective marketing.” — Joel Ackerman

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Why Video is King and Cha-ching!

If content is king, video is god—the king of king. Of all the forms content comes in, video is the most effective way to sell your story. Video is king and cha-ching!

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