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Ackermania develops creative concepts for video marketing. Whether you need one video that educates people about your product or a web series that keeps your customers engaged, Ackermania has ideas.

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Don’t waste a good concept on a bad writer. Ackermania’s award-winning writing can make a boring product or taboo topic the hero of an entertaining video, all while convincing customers to take action. 

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Don’t waste a good script on a bad director. From casting to editing, Ackermania produces videos with a personal touch and visual flare unmatched in the world of online video marketing. 

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JOEL ACKERMANChief Creative Genius

Joel Ackerman has established himself as one of the top generators of commercial YouTube views on the planet. He has been behind not one, but two of the most successful YouTube campaigns ever. Besides being writer/director of the popular Poo~Pourri video (over 35 million views), he was also creative director at Orabrush where he wrote, directed and produced videos that generated millions in views and sales. He was formerly a stand-up comic and lounge singer.


JAY P. MORGAN, Visual Mastermind

Jay P. Morgan has been working as a commercial photographer, cinematographer and director for more than 20 years. Jay P’s keen appreciation of the bizarre and knack for flawlessly executing elaborate shots makes his work command attention in advertising, sales and marketing. He also produces a web series that teaches lighting, special effects and business practices to photographers and videographers. 


WILL ROBERTS, Social Chronicler

Will Roberts makes sure the next time Ackermania makes history, there’s a record of it. Will hosts, films and edits behind-the-scenes videos for Ackermania and our clients. He’s also a humorist who hosts his own radio show, and a world famous trick roper who performed with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.


What western-themed commercial is complete without a classic cowboy-in-barrel-overalls scene?

Up Your Nose with the Pocket Hose

The last few months have been very busy. After writing and directing a commercial for Kaboo Bags, and then writing, directing and producing another for Proof, I dove right into creating both TV and online versions of the same concept for the popular, new and improved Pocket Hose ULTRA, which is 3x stronger than the original and a barrel of laughs!

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Proof Keeps the Creeps Away

Just completed a spot for Proofa plant-based spray that prevents and protects against bed bugs. It will kill bed bugs if they so much as even hang out where you’ve sprayed. If you travel a lot, like me, this product can give you peace of mind about bed bugswhich you’ll need when you learn bed bug infestations are on the rise in 72% of American cities. 

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9 Reasons Video is Better Online than On TV

“Online video advertising is more expansive, less expensive, searchable, shareableincomparableexpedient, significantmost magnificentinstantly trackable, easily testable, precise in targeting—effective marketing.” – Joel Ackerman

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Why Video is King and Cha-ching!

If content is king, video is god—the king of king. Of all the forms content comes in, video is the most effective way to sell your story. Video is king and cha-ching!

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